The Importance of Evaluating Your Job Interview Performance (including FREE self-assessment form!)

Wouldn’t it be nice if employers provided feedback at the end of each job interview? You’d know the type of impression you made, what you did well, and what you should consider doing differently during future interviews.

Unfortunately, most employers don’t share this type of information with candidates, so it’s up to you to figure it out for yourself. If you don’t, you’ll continue doing and saying the same things with the same results.

Conducting a self-assessment should be a key part of your standard post-interview process. While we all tend to re-play particular high points or low points in our minds, this is not nearly as effective as systematically reviewing all aspects of the interview. is pleased to offer a Post-Interview Assessment Form to help you “deconstruct” your interviews. With it, you can evaluate which questions you answered most and least well, track whether you have completed important key tasks, and record next steps in the process. We recommend you complete it as soon as you get home from your interview, while your memory is still fresh.

We hope you find our Post-Interview Assessment Form useful in improving your job interview performance and getting the job you want!

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